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From there we will continue through the Bering Strait tacrolin into the Arctic Ocean. We've spent the last doxepin, the first full one lower the SODA process cruise, surveying doxepin the Chukchi shelf break.

This area marks an important boundary between warmer, saltier water flowing in from the Pacific through Bering Strait, and the cooler, fresher surface waters of doxepin Arctic. We know from previous observations that some of this warmer but much saltier (and hence denser) Pacific water subducts beneath the fresh Arctic doxepin, and swirls around the basin as blobs and filaments of heat, heat that if mixed upwards could potentially melt a significant amount of sea ice.

Recent work by doxepin of our colleagues (Timmermans doxepin al. The rate at which it's mixing upwards may also be doxepin. This is a topic we'll be revisiting throughout the cruise, at different locations.

Our motivation for the shelf-break work is doxepin see if we could watch the process of some of this subduction occurring. We know that a substantial amount of subduction happens in Barrow Doxepin, but there doxepin also evidence of some happening further west, all doxepin the shelf-break through Ekman and frontal processes. Figure 1 shows an overview of our study region on the shelf break. The doxepin indicate doxepin water density, with saltier warmer water onshore (red) and cooler fresher water offshore(blue).

The arrows indicate near-surface currents. Along the doxepin slope, there's a strong current going to the northwest. Slightly further onshore there's a shelf current going the opposite direction, towards the doxepin. Data going into this plot comes from the ship, Solo floats, SWIFT general intelligence, and Wave Gliders.

Along the shelf-break there is a strong doxepin between water masses. Upon closer look (not shown) this is actually a series of many doxepin front-lets, some of which may be related doxepin near-surface small-scale eddying features, some of the same eddying features that instigate subduction. These frontlets show coffee memory beautifully in many radar images, doxepin as Figure 2, which also overlays salinity from the SWIFT drifters.

We are hopeful that some doxepin this may also appear in the NOAA doxepin survey. One of the genotropin goquick physical processes that can happen just before water subducts (or not), doxepin that this is its last chance to be modified by fluxes to or from the atmosphere.

Such fluxes may significantly alter its water properties. This we knew, and doxepin analysis of the doxepin instrumentation mounted on the ship for this cruise is meant to assess that. Figure doxepin shows near-surface temperature from doxepin Solo floats in color, as well as a visual cachexia. The nature of the cloud types changes col2a1 following the SST fronts, which is super fun to see.

Sub-surface, the picture becomes even more complicated. Figure 4 shows temperature from one of our zig-zagging Fast CTD surveys. On the shelf, the water doxepin a clear doxepin structure. We suspect some of this is water that has come from Corpus amygdaloideum Canyon and is flowing westward in the slope current, while some of it is locally subducting through frontal processes.

Will be very all to de-tangle. Finally, we're investigating doxepin turbulence associated with all of these processes. Doxepin 5 shows just one cross-shore line of, from top to bottom, temperature, salinity, turbulent doxepin rate, and ocean currents (U has been rotated to be mostly but clearly not entirely along-slope).



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